Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing

Whether your project dictates fluid or self-adhered membranes, Tremco has a complete air barrier product portfolio to meet any specification or demanding site environment. Focused on documented system performance, the ExoAir air barrier line is evaluated beyond industry-recognized standards and validated through third-party assembly testing and connectivity to other building elements to ensure building efficiency and performance.

Sealants & Adhesives

A broad offering of sealants including high-performance multicomponent and one-part urethane, hybrid urethane and silicone sealants, and application-specific materials.

Air Barrier Systems

ExoAir Air Barrier systems offer comprehensive vapor-retarding and vapor-permeable systems including sealants, mastics, and transition assemblies.

Expansion Joints

All Tremco and Willseal* expansion joint and transition sealant products are designed for maximum waterproofing, thermal, sound and air tightness to meet global passing housing standards – and all feature superior durability, excellent +/= movement capabilities and streamlined installation.